The Story

Alliance City grows and prospers under the watchful eye of the colorfully dressed super heroes. An unprecedented peace spreads from the city to the North American Amalgamated States, and from there, the whole world. A peace so pervasive, no one notices the war brewing beneath.

It’s been three years since the passing of Daniel Jones, director of the Delta Division. But his legacy is not forgotten. It lives in the heroes that have taken the reigns from him. Charity London, Drake Hachirobie, and Jayson Allison have grown into positions of leadership among Delta, along with extradimensional twins Meryl and John. Samantha Clive has taken on the role of Director, and under her guiding, steady hand, the group of super heroes are set to change the world.

Eric Herrington’s had no idea what to expect when he dug into the secret of his girlfriend, Charity. It certainly wasn’t that she was a super hero. And it most definitely didn’t include a strange metallic box that transformed into a suit of armor. He’s going to have to change his thinking pretty quickly if he’s going to deduce a threat to the entire Delta Division.

Marcus London isn’t an ordinary kid. Unfortunately, it isn’t until he’s nearly assassinated by anti-metahuman purists that he finds out his sister isn’t either. Still, this newly-discovered family business can’t be that life-threatening all the time. Right? Besides, if it gets him in good with the pretty paragon in his high school class, it can’t be all bad.

Pissed off complacency is about the only thing that drives Mitchell Roberts these days. Thing is, he’s never quite sure what he’s pissed off at. Himself, mostly. But it’s not until he joins the Delta Division and finds out the dangers the world faces that he finds out the true meaning of anger. Oh well, at least from where he sits, the ladies are fine.

Lindsay White is a star–at least as far as she’s concerned. With super powers and an A-plus attitude, she’s sure to be the next ‘it’ thing in the blogsphere. And what’s wrong with a  little attention? Especially if it comes from the adorkable Marcus–and maybe Mitch as well.

When Allen Gray accidentally throws a table at an obnoxious kid in his high school cafeteria, he has no idea that the resulting viral video will launch him into a world of heroes, villains, and everything in between. Soon, he and the rest of the agents of the Delta Division are drawn into a conflict between otherworldly creatures. A series of attacks cripple Delta’s leadership. Worlds collide, and creatures from a long-forgotten time suddenly appear. The Earth threatens to become a battlefield between two warring races from another world.

Without the guiding hand of those who came before them, these untried and untested heroes must rise to the occasion, battle unfamiliar forces, and find the mastermind behind it all.

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