The Cast

Eric Herrington AKA Vorg

As the only active member of Delta without super powers, Eric occasionally feels inadequate to the task of being a hero. Still, an alien power suit with the ability to control sound goes a long way to keep him on par with his girlfriend Charity London. Besides, what super hero team doesn’t need its token billionaire?


Drake Hachirobei AKA Mr. X

Part boogieman, part urban legend, Drake goes out of his way to make sure he knows everything about everybody–and to keep himself an enigma. He’s a little off-kilter, and those who know him behind the mask describe him best as eccentric. Still, he wears the dark, brooding affect well.


Charity London AKA Thundra

Having overcome her teenage struggles to accept her lightning powers and learn how to control them, Charity’s now a leading member of the Delta Division. Her kind manner puts the new recruits at ease, and she takes pride in her position as teacher and mentor. Now, if only she could get her little brother to do what he’s told…


Marcus London AKA Spark Plug

Having electricity powers is only cool when you don’t have your big sister telling you how to use them. Still, you gotta take your lumps when you’re a hero, and at the very least it gives him some direction in life. He can be a little socially awkward, but willing enough to follow his rising star of a girlfriend into the spotlight.


Mitchell Roberts AKA Inferno

Mitch is one of two things: angry and brooding, pissed off at the world in general and his deadbeat dad in particular; or charming and happy-go-lucky, and a smooth-talking ladies’ man. There’s no in between. A second generation fire-controller, he lives his life in extremes. Delta at least gives him a constructive place to put that energy.


Lindsay White AKA Spryte

Adopted into a large family, Lindsay tends to feel a little lost in the crowd at home. She’s determined that’s not going to be the case at Delta. Her induction into the ranks of the heroes gives her a chance to shine with the brilliance of the star she knows she is. She’s a paragon type, with the ability to fly, super strength, toughness, and physical fortitude.


Allen Gray AKA Spirit

An auspicious beginning notwithstanding, Allen brings a youthful enthusiasm and gentle tenacity to the team. He’s proud to say he was personally recruited and mentored by Stryker, Delta’s foremost paragon. Allen’s abilities include flight, super strength, impervious skin, and an ironclad constitution.


John Smith AKA Stryker

Quiet and reserved, John was never much for the spotlight. Still, he’s the hero everyone looks up to, and the one thing he wants most out of life is to make a difference. He likes training his young charges. Other than that, he’s a good soldier, putting on his bright and golden uniform, and saving the day to the admiration of the countless cheering masses. After all, who isn’t inspired by an extra-dimensional alien working to save his adopted world? John is best friends with Jay Allison, and brother to Meryl Allison.


Jayson Allison AKA Blink

Jay’s a teleporter, and biological son to the late Daniel Jones. He didn’t know about his true heritage until he was in his late teens, but after some rather typical angst, he came to terms with the fact that both his birth father and adoptive father had done the best they could for him. Initially, Director Jones had chosen Jayson as his successor, but Jay had declined, believing himself unfit for the role. He prefers the position of team leader, where he can best ply his tactical genius.


Meryl Allison AKA Myst

Meryl, twin sister to John and wife of Jay, doesn’t share everyone’s love of field work. Her sobriquet is less a hero name and more of a pseudonym she uses for her artwork, a series of charcoal drawings widely celebrated as capturing the essence of the Delta heroes. She is meek and gentle, though mistaking that for weakness will generally end badly. Meryl is a mimic, capable of imitating any and all traits of another person. She also shapeshifts, able to go as far as turning completely invisible. Like her brother, she’s not from this world.


Samantha Clive AKA Mythos

Sam is one of the world’s foremost intellectuals, her IQ sitting in the top ten highest on the planet. Second choice or not, she was hand picked by Daniel Jones as his successor, her accomplishments in political science making her a perfect choice for the position. In all things, she is a diplomat. In comparison to the other, more high-powered metahumans, her post-cognition ability might seem but a minor boon, but it is a powerful aid in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.

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