A Hero Rises…

Delta SymbolSome are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare

Since the 1980s, the Delta Division has protected the people of Earth from the veil of secrecy. Nearly a hundred years later, and their efforts have been brought to light. Heroes come forth, bringing hope, unity…

And destruction.

Threatened by enemies both man and monster, mortal and ancient, some will rise and many will fall.

This is their story.

  1. mvevt says:

    Query: Does the fact this is now published web fiction lend any wait to the Human Element play by post on RPNation resuming?


    • In all honesty, I would love to. Sadly, I haven’t the time or mental capacity to give the play-by-post the attention it deserves. Which is unfortunate, because I really liked the way the story was going there. I know that if I try, though, it’s going to burn me out, and I’m going to end up dropping off the face of the earth…again. It’s not something I like doing, and it’s not fair to anyone.


      • mvevt says:

        I get that, I really do. I’ve DM’d play by posts, and people under estimate the time it takes to run one and to keep the players engaged and on the same page.

        I wish you the best, will be reading ever chapter, and keeping my fingers crossed for the day you can budget the time for the PbP again, so that Quinn can develop and come into his own as a hero.


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