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Warning: Explicit sexual content


The house looked different to Jayson when he and Meryl arrived home. He couldn’t figure out why. Breakfast dishes still sat in the sink where they’d left them in a rush this morning, Meryl to her clients, and Jay to his patrol. The smell of bacon still lingered hours later. Everything was exactly the same. It wasn’t fair.

It was late. Jayson didn’t bother turning on the lights. He didn’t want to look at more of this house that was the same both before and after the death of his friend. He unlaced his combat boots, which reminded him he was still in his costume. Sans mask. Where the hell had he left it? He didn’t know, and he couldn’t summon the energy to care.

Meryl didn’t turn on the lights either. Without a word, she crossed the five feet to the carpeted stairway that lead to the upper level. It was a good-sized house. To the left was the sitting room that looked out onto their front porch and cobblestone pathway leading to the sidewalk. Opposite the room’s bay windows were a set of French doors that were closed between the sitting room and the dining room. Beside that, and just ahead of the foyer, was the kitchen. In the back of the house sat the family room where they did most of their living. Between the foyer and the kitchen, a closed door hid a stairway to the unfinished basement. He and John were supposed to be putting the drywall up together next weekend.

The two of them had bought the place in a developing residential area, watched it get built from the ground up. It was built of gray brick, with slate-gray shingles and gray-blue siding. They’d planted the garden together—the three of them. It was supposed to be a house built to raise a family.

Jay followed his wife up the stairs. His left leg screamed with every step like it did when it was about to rain. There was no rain forecasted for the next forty-eight hours. He could have teleported, saved himself the twinge that ran through his hip and into his lower back, but he didn’t. He couldn’t really say why. He just felt like he had to feel every footstep.

The master bedroom was the first door on the left when Jayson got to the top of the stairs. The door was open, and he could hear Meryl sobbing. She sat on the edge of the bed, arms curled around herself like she was trying to keep from falling apart. The mattress creaked as Jay sat down beside her and took her into his arms.

He could feel the tears burning in his eyes, and like a summer’s rain, it seemed to heighten his sense of smell. Her shampoo carried the scent of flowers. At that moment, he needed her more than ever. For his own sake, and to remind her that she still had him. Unable to help himself, he brushed back her long blonde hair and kissed her neck. His right hand traveled down the smooth silk of her blouse, then trailed on the skin of her lower back. His left fought with the buttons on the front.

“Stop.” The word was a sob. “I-I’m sorry. I just can’t.”

“Okay.” It wasn’t like her to refuse him. But they’d never faced sorrow like this before, not in this way. He backed off.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. I just want you to know that I’m here.”

“I know. I just can’t. Not tonight.”

“That’s okay.”

She stood. With gentle, almost painful motions, she took her pajamas out of the drawer and stared at them a moment. Her hair fell in front of her eyes, but not before Jay saw the tears fall down her face. “I don’t want to get ready for bed.”

He understood. “Because if you do, that means the day’s over.”

“And if it’s over, that means we just have to move on.”

He nodded. Her small fingers worked at her buttons. Jayson’s eyes fixed on the floor. He didn’t have to look to see her small, round breasts rising and falling with each sob. Her blouse fell to the floor.

Jayson’s jaw quivered. He hated seeing her like this. “What can I do?” His voice was thick.

“Make love to me, Jayson.”

He looked up. Even standing, she was only a head taller than him sitting down on the bed. Her hair hung past her waist, brushing the edges of her black dress pants, now half undone showing lacy green underwear. She undid her bra, and Jay’s breath caught. Two years of marriage, and Jayson was surer by the day that he would never get tired of seeing that. “I-I thought—”

“I changed my mind.”

He didn’t have to be told twice.

* * * *

Meryl gasped as Jayson’s hand cupped the base of her head while the other shook her bra the rest of the way to the floor. His mouth pressed against hers for a moment, and she responded until his lips moved away and over her cheeks and around her eyes. He kissed away her tears.

She occupied her hands by undoing his belt buckle, a metal plate in the shape of the Delta Division symbol. His pants were next. She opened them enough that she could get her hands in. He wanted her already, and she could feel him grow larger still.

His lips returned to her mouth and stayed there while he shrugged out of his leather jacket. They were only apart for the moment it took to remove his shirt.

Once the upper half of his Blink costume was on the ground, he continued his kisses along her jawline and down her neck. He bent down to take one of her nipples into his mouth, and she let out a moan. Encouraged, his strong, large hands slid down her waist until they tugged at her pants. Her hips had a womanly roundness, but not so much that they resisted his attempts to release her from the cloth.

As his hands moved down her hips, they grasped her ass for a moment before continuing to her thighs, his gentle touch exciting her. His mouth was no longer at her breast; it continued to her taut belly, planting a deliberate, teasing line of kisses to her nether regions. He kissed her womanhood. Then she could feel his tongue tasting her, pleasuring her. She cried out and willed herself to remain standing.

Then she was in his arms, and he lowered her onto the bed. She watched with anticipation as he removed the rest of his clothing. The artist in her might have fixated on the metal prosthetic that replaced his left leg with its abrupt line mid-thigh and contrasting colors—but the woman in her was far too distracted by Jayson’s manhood in all its glory.

He started kissing her on the inside of her left thigh as his hand ran from her bare foot, up her calf, and lingered with a gentle squeeze on her right thigh. His tongue returned to its place between her legs and worked at it. She cried out as the world spun.

The mattress caved in on one side as he put a knee beside her. One arm wrapped around her waist, and the other around her neck. His lips caressed hers, and she tasted of herself. In one smooth motion, he lifted her up further onto the bed. Then he lay down beside her.

Naked and nothing between them, Meryl took a moment to gaze into her husband’s eyes. Her people’s eyes were gold; this green color that she stared at wasn’t just unusual, it was unheard of. It was arresting. She ran her fingers down his arm and back up again, then over his chest. Jayson was fit and athletic, and not just because of his job. He’s thrown himself into physical therapy after his surgery. Since childhood, he’d played sports; and even now, his gym time was his way of relaxing.

His skin was dotted with freckles. They danced over his nose and down his neck. Meryl shifted and drew closer, planting a kiss on every one. She heard him sigh, and she knew that he needed this as much as she did. He’d watched his best friend die tonight. She felt her eyes well up, and as she squeezed them shut, hot tears fell from her face onto Jayson’s back. “I love you,” she whispered, because she couldn’t say anything else.

“And I love you.” His hands found her hips again and gently nudged her on to her back. His body followed hers.

He towered over her, and she loved it, his lips worshiping every inch of her skin on her neck and down to her breasts. He toyed with her nipple again as he positioned himself. Meryl moaned and shifted, her warm wetness inviting him.

He entered slowly, thicker and harder than she’d ever felt before. Meryl let out a cry. It was a moment that she wanted to last forever, though she knew it was but a preamble to something much greater.

He stopped once his full thickness was nestled inside. Their eyes lingered on one another, their breathing heavy, though they had barely just begun. His arm was circled around her waist, while the other hand held her head. He cradled her like he would something precious. And despite everything, Meryl smiled because she knew that, to him, she was.

She opened her mouth to tell him again that she loved him, but all that came out was a loud scream, because at that moment he pulled out almost to the tip before thrusting back in. Her hands clamped around his back and her fingers dug in as pleasure ricocheted through her body. He thrust again and again with desire and a desperate need only she could understand.

She cried out for more, and Jayson responded with an intensity that surprised her with every stroke. Her whole body began to shake. She knew what this was—Jayson was the kind of lover most women only dream of—but nothing they’d ever done had felt as good as this. “Don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Jay hesitated just a fraction of a second. His own cries had gone from mere grunts of pleasure to sounds that told her that he was enjoying this just as much as she was. He was close, and so was she.

“I need you, Jayson. I need you inside me. Don’t stop!”

He didn’t stop. He moved inside her with short, swift thrusts timed with her scream of exaltation. Then Meryl forgot how to breathe. Her body arced into the orgasm. She felt the hot rush of Jayson’s climax within her, and then she found her voice again. Her cries filled the house, cries of love and loss, of ineffable sorrow and unspeakable joy.

The world around her didn’t exist for a moment. Nothing existed except her and the man she loved. Yet, at her fingertips and in every inch of her skin, she felt the smallest detail as her whole body became a being of pure sensation. Her fingers clawed at the bedspread as if anchoring her to that plane of existence. In that moment, she understood. It didn’t make things better, and it didn’t make the pain go away, but she understood its reason, though afterward she could never recapture that feeling or articulate why.

She lost all concept of time. She had no idea how long she remained body and soul in that place of pure bliss. In another reality, it might have been forever. Eventually, however, she became aware of Jayson staring down at her. He was breathing as hard as she was.

Most nights, after that release, he’d smile and ask if she felt better. Tonight he didn’t. The chill of the night touched their naked bodies. Without a word, they burrowed beneath the covers and curled back in each other’s arms. At least, she reflected, I’m not crying myself to sleep. There would be tears enough in the morning.